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Girls in Braces for Comme des Garcons A/W88

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Thus, Twiggy’s eyelashes sold a million Yardley mascaras, Farrah Fawcett’s exemplary mane made Fabergé shampoo a bestseller, Catherine’s Deneuve’s Parisian allure sent Chanel No. But Comme des Garçons has never resorted to attention grabbing stars or even conventional fashion images, preferring to prowl the line between fashion and art, serving up unexpected and beautiful work that we would like to put on our wall and stare at forever.

What’s the best way to wear braces?

With a big smile? I actually wouldn’t know because I refused them as a teenager – that was before I discovered this image, of course! 

Where would you put the 1988 campaign it if you owned it?

Above my bed. 

What’s your favourite CDG moment?

There are too many and I keep discovering more. 

What are you looking forward to about 2014?

The new era of Dazed! 

Text by Tish Wrigley

So, to celebrate a piece of fashion campaign history, as well as Mia Wasikowska’s head to toe pink Comme look on the cover of AnOther Magazine’s S/S14 issue, here we talk to Burley about why she loved this image, and her memories of working for Rei Kawakubo as a teenager.

“Comme des Garçons continually serves up an intriguing and unconventional perspective on beauty and commercialism”

What was the last thing you bought?

A bottle of red wine.

Who would you ask to join you in a recreation of this moment?

Rei Kawakubo, of course! Second option would be Cindy Sherman. . But we got wise and our hair remained resolutely un-Angelic, so fashion and beauty advertisers had to change their game. What’s your first memory of Comme des Garçons?

Being 17, working at Dover Street Market and being petrified every time Rei Kawkubo would visit the store. 

Show us some other CDG campaigns you love?

I really love all of the SHIRT ones, particularly Stephen J Shanabrook’s scrunched up faces.

We walk past ad campaigns every day, thinking we’re safe from their insidious effects, but the best ones curl up in our brains and stay there forever. Elegant, subtle and surprising, this joyful image of a pair of young girls wearing braces is a sublime piece of work from a fashion house that continually serves up an intriguing and unconventional perspective on beauty and commercialism.

Why did you love this campaign?

Because it embraces the awkwardness of adolescence. 

Advertising is first and foremost about shifting units, and perhaps the most successful campaigns are those that promise that their product will turn you into a facsimile of the beautiful star staring out at you from the bus stop. 5 flying out of the stores and Brook Shields’ suggestive pose with her Calvins started a denim revolution. This has been proved this week by the resurgence of an amazing Comme des Garçons campaign from A/W88 which unanimously won the Loves vote for Dazed’s Fashion Features Editor Isabella Burley. Tommy Hilfiger inveigled himself into the fashion conversation with a brazen piece of copywriting, and the last years have seen a dressed down Chloë Sevigny in slides and a spinning chair for Prada, Juergen Teller putting Victoria Beckham in a bag for Marc Jacobs, Madonna dealing with the chickens on Dolce Gabbana’s incredibly glamorous farm, and Kate Moss cutting a wedding cake in a Burberry check slip, surrounded by a coterie of Jaggers

Factory repair of systems, mbt leopard 2 activity w88.

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

The benefit period begins with the commissioning of

the first vehicle and ends with the completion of the repair capacity of

all the contractor supplied systems.

Language(s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be

drawn up: German.

Tender documents : T23857054.html , G23857054.html .

On the performance bond is not required if the credit quality index

of credit reform is during the contract period of less than 250 points

or equivalent credit quality evidence is presented.

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:

14.10.2014 – 17:00

Estimated value excluding VAT: 1 140 000 EUR

Copyright 2014 Gale, Cengage Learning. The customer has no

obligation to commission the optional systems.

COPYRIGHT 2014 SyndiGate Media Inc.

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Contract notice: Factory repair of systems, mbt leopard 2 activity


This contract is divided into lots: yes

The framework agreement covers the repair of 2015 the system MBT

Leopard 2 activityW88 in the Maintenance Level 4 with the following

Stock Numbers (VERSNR)

2350-12-327-68322350-12-349-52392350-12-356-13262350-12-363-96562350-12-362-9655The total amount listed under point II.2.1) is the forecasted

amount for 12Months. All rights reserved.

2014 Al Bawaba ( Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. ( ).

Time limit for receipt of requests for documents or for accessing

documents: 7.10.2014

Deposits and Guarantees required: First self-declaration to submit

a performance bond in the amount of 10% of the order value.

Second presentation of an insurance policy in copy on the

conclusion of a civil liability insurance (industry-standard public

liability and environmental liability insurance), the amount of EUR 10

million each per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage, but

EUR 50 million per year is not less than in the case of accumulation of

loss events .

Total quantity or scope: The projected annual volume is 11 systems.

Optional two systems can be ordered in addition

I want to know about Nukes.?

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Most nukes have a destructive area around 114 sq miles.

About 6 miles out from ground zero. .

Larger nukes, do not have a correspondingly larger effective area.

That’s why most nukes are in the 200 KT to 150 KT range

Since most of the energy would be released upward into the atmosphere. IE: a 8 MT nuke, would not effect 100 times the area of a 8KT nuke.

With the MT nukes reserved for hardened targets like underground command post.

Radiation effects can extend out 150 miles, downwind, depending on wind speed and direction


Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

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CNN – Report: Stolen data gives China advanced nuclear know-how

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Christopher Cox (R-California), chairman of the House select committee that conducted the year-long investigation.

Note: Pages will open in a new browser window

. “Ballistic and space launch programs have long been intertwined.”

‘It’s not good news’

“It does make one wonder how it is, how others who possessed this information could so readily have dismissed it, or not acted upon it,” Cox said.

The report by his committee said “China’s appetite for information and technology appears to be insatiable and the energy devoted to the task enormous.”

“In many cases, a little piece of information might seem innocuous, but if you collect enough of them through the so-called matrix technique … insatiable’

The report credits Energy Secretary Bill Richardson for making long-needed security improvements to the nation’s vulnerable nuclear labs, run by the Department of Energy.

External sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive.

“It means that we’re going to be preparing ourselves to defend against American technology used against us,” said Rep. missile guidance systems through satellite launch deals with American companies.

In March, Richardson fired a longtime scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, Wen Ho Lee, because of security violations as well as suspicions of espionage.

Cox also has accused China of obtaining information through the use of “front companies” in the United States — a method he said is “far broader than previously realized.”

But following the failures of some of those launches, U.S. State Department issues travel warning for China

May 10, 1999

The House investigative committee was formed in the wake of accusations that campaign contributions might have influenced the Clinton administration to give favorable trade treatment to U.S.

The sharpest criticism for the theft of U.S. nuclear labs, stealing secrets about the U.S. design information during the next decade, according to a congressional report on Chinese nuclear espionage that will be released officially Tuesday.

“There are a number of reasons that intelligence services direct information this way,” Cox said. submarine radar technology and illegally obtained secrets about U.S. “To advertise in some cases something about their strength that they want you to know; in other cases, to promote disinformation.”


According to the report, U.S. and Hughes Electronics allegedly gave China unauthorized design information. companies seeking waivers to launch satellites on Chinese rockets.

The report concludes: Chinese “penetration of our national weapons laboratories spans at least the past several decades and almost certainly continues today.”

“It’s not good news,” he said. “The world is a lot less safer today as a consequence of these thefts.”

“Some of the most significant thefts have occurred during the last four years,” Cox said.

“It means that in addition to paying for our own defense, we are actually paying to arm a potential adversary,” Cox said.

All of the weapons could target the United States.

“… Such information would likely find its way into the PRC’s ballistic missile program,” the congressional report said.

Also among the purloined blueprints for weapons of mass destruction: the W-88 warhead, described as “the most sophisticated nuclear weapon the United States has ever built.”

WASHINGTON (CNN) — China could begin production of advanced thermonuclear weapons based on stolen U.S. satellite manufacturers Loral Corp. intelligence has determined the technology espionage by the Chinese, dating back to the late 1970s and continuing through the 1980s and ’90s, “has leaped, in a handful of years, from 1950s-era strategic nuclear capabilities to the more modern thermonuclear weapon design.”


Shelby: Reno should resign over China espionage probe

May 23, 1999

Report: China benefited from stolen nuclear secrets

May 20, 1999

Congressman calls alleged Chinese spying ‘grave’

May 16, 1999

Sources: Report finds China stole ‘sensitive’ nuclear data

May 14, 1999

Reno defends computer-search caution in Los Alamos case

May 13, 1999

Senate spotlights nuclear security lapses

May 12, 1999

U.S. you can learn a great deal about military matters in the United States,” Cox said.

May 24, 1999

Web posted at: 10:42 p.m. EDT (0242 GMT)

Details of the Cox report have been trickling out for weeks amid a growing criticism of the Clinton administration’s response to fix the security lapse after it was exposed in 1995.

Bob Franken and Pierre Thomas contributed to this report.

According to investigators, the CIA first learned of the extent of the Chinese espionage in 1995 when a Chinese national approached the agency and turned over a secret Chinese government document.

The report also reveals allegations that China stole design information about U.S. nuclear arsenal — including those for the MX Peacekeeper and Minuteman III missiles.


Chinese Embassy to the U.S.

Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China

China Today

Department of Energy

Department of Justice

  • Attorney General Janet Reno

The White House

  • National Security Council

  • Biography of Samuel Berger

Los Alamos National Laboratory

The CIA later determined that the person who turned over the document worked for Chinese intelligence.

“What the PRC (People’s Republic of China) has stolen has enabled them to jump over decades of incremental development that were necessary, for example, for the United States,” said Cox.

‘China’s appetite … nuclear secrets is directed toward the Clinton administration and how slowly it reacted when word of the espionage surfaced.

Chinese knowledge increased by decades

Those weapons “may be tested in 1999 and could be deployed as soon as 2002,” the report states.

According to the Cox report, China penetrated U.S. neutron bomb and every warhead in the U.S

Glenda Bixler – 2/4 – :

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

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Unibet Group plc: Mediaset Espana selects Kambi Sports Solutions for fully managed Sportsbook service

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mediaset España is one of Spain’s 35 largest companies on the main

Spanish stock exchange Bolsa de Madrid’s index IBEX 35 with a market

capitalisation of EUR 1.7bn.

Kambi is a B2B supplier of fully hosted sports betting services on an

in-house developed software platform. The Kambi

solution is currently certified in Denmark, Malta, Alderney, Italy and

Spain. Kambi’s clients include

Unibet, Paf, Acrismatic Group, Egasa Group, Napoleon Games, Expekt,

Tonybet, Fun88, Nordicbet, Interwetten and AsianLogic.

Kambi utilizes a best of breed security approach, with guiding

principles from ISO 27001.

According to the agreement, Kambi will provide a fully managed

Sportsbook operating under a local gaming licence for three years.

About Kambi Sports Solutions

This information was brought to you by Cision

More information about Kambi Sports Solutions can be found on

“I am delighted that Mediaset España has chosen to partner with Kambi

and we are happy that Kambi continues to be the preferred choice for

premium brands in Spain. This means that the Kambi solution is approved and audited by the

SPM, LGA, AGCC, AAMS and DGOJ, as well as being compliant with eCOGRA. Going forward our focus will be to work with

our partners to take a leading position within the gaming market.”

Kristian Nylén, CEO Kambi.

. Kambi employs 260 people and has

offices in London, Stockholm, Malta and Manila

Blu-ray reviews: Big Eyes, The Gambler and Last Days in Vietnam

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Burton’s vision relayed via interviews with cast and crew.

Here are my picks in Blu-ray home entertainment this week.

Last Days in Vietnam  (PBS Distribution, not rated, $29.99) — Rory Kennedy’s Academy Award-nominated documentary covering the fall of Saigon debuts in the Blu-ray format but, unfortunately, offers nothing extra to take advantage of the disk technology.

Better yet, the 33-minute “QA Highlights” offers a chance to hear from the real Margaret Keane as well as writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, Miss Adams and Mr. John Valdez (the last American to leave Saigon), Marine Gerald Berry (who piloted a heavy-lift copter 18 hours straight to airlift civilians) and even former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger shed light on the desperate and stress-filled days.

Be it Miss Adam’s striking blue eyes exploding on screen, the fine detail of Mrs. Burton.

Now Blu-ray viewers can appreciate Amy Adams’ Golden Globe-winning performance as Margaret, a painter literally overshadowed by her affable but oppressive husband who took credit for her work.

Viewers get two disks, one containing the nominated theatrical cut (98 minutes) and one with the expanded version (114 minutes) of the documentary seen recently shown on PBS American Experience television series.

Considering the impact of the controversial war and its ramifications, PBS should have offered many a historical featurette, an interactive timeline or extended scholarly discussion to deliver a context to the events leading to the eventual evacuation of Saigon and the subsequent suffering of the Vietnamese people at the hands of a communist regime for decades to come.

Equally potent is Christoph Waltz’ portrayal of Walter, a habitual liar displaying an unsettling devilish charm that gets reinforced every time he plasters a wry smile on his mug.

The extras informatively explore the movie’s final vision with 40 minutes worth of featurettes.

Also, we learn bout Mr. Ambassador Graham Martin, who lost his son during combat operation in Vietnam, refused to set concrete plans in motion early on to help evacuate the key cities in South Vietnam, leading to the near chaos in the final days.

Mr. Wyatt discuss in detail such topics as color palletes for each gangster, lighting, locations and the casino sets.

Interviews with handful of the key personal on the ground including Master Sgt. Walhberg’s choices on creating the character (he lost 60 pounds for the role), and the production staff as well as Mr. Wahlberg’s indifferent performance shines but is greatly supplemented by the work of John Goodman and Michael K. Just hit pause at any colorful point on the playback to see what I mean.

What viewers get is a well-documented, emotional chronicling of what happened in April of 1975 when the North Vietnamese military ignored the Paris Peace Accords and began an assault to finally take over the entire country.

That’s it.

The Gambler  (Paramount Home Entertainment, Rated R, $39.99) — Mark Wahlberg starred late last year in a remake of a 1974 film about college professor spiraling out of control due to a dangerous gambling addiction and looking for a way to pay back an enormous debt.

The intense, nearly 2-hour-long crime drama, directed by Rupert Wyatt, now offers Blu-ray viewers a visually stark, seamier side of Los Angeles with muted colors throughout and presented in the 1080p transfer.

In a state of denial, U.S. Keane’s work or the dazzling day and night views of San Francisco, the transfer makes many a moment look like a digital painting. Burton’s and cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel’s bold, vibrant color choices.

Only the foresight of key officers — who took charge of many unsanctioned operations to extract the roughly 5,000 Americans remaining and as many South Vietnamese citizens as possible — would lessen the burgeoning humanitarian crisis.. Williams as vicious loan sharks and Jessica Lange as his worried mother.

Specifically, they look at how the original film was adapted to modern day (with plenty of scenes from the 1974 effort) with a candid interview with screenwriter William Monahan.

The digital transfer, presented in 1:85:1 aspect ratio (beautifully filling home theater screens), is a delight throughout while highlighting Mr. Big Eyes (Anchor Bay Entertainment, Rated PG-13, $34.99) — Director Tim Burton delivered a biographical drama last year about the bizarre relationship of famous artisans Margaret and Walter Keane, a couple that helped bring pop art to the masses in the late 1950s and 1960s through paintings featuring children with large, doe-like eyes.

Extras are just enough to cement the purchasing deal. First a 22-minute making of the featurette covers the background on the real story as well as Mr

Burnley fan’s DIY tour aims to tackle big four| Reuters

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

m88 this isn’t going to be a one-off.”

“We have all the world clocks because we deal with commodities and trading and we put a clock where our offices are, so Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and I put one with Burnley on the wall,” a chuckling Banaszkiewicz said.

(Writing by Patrick Johnston in Singapore, Editing by Justin Palmer)

So as the Premier League’s top clubs looked at North America, Australia, Africa or Asia for their usually lavish pre-season tours, Banaszkiewicz started organising a visit to south east Asia.

Singaporeans are obsessed with the Premier League, and the top four especially. And Banaszkiewicz believes the key to building support in the region is for the club to show that modest side, which they demonstrated by attending coaching camps and meeting the locals.

“I said (to the hairdresser) I am going to watch Burnley and they were like ‘oh yes 5-0 (referring to the midweek win over Home United) they are playing Singapore’ so slowly the message is coming across.”

The co-founder of Freight Investor Services LTD, who travels to Singapore bi-monthly for business, watched proudly as his English Championship (second division) club rounded off a successful tour with a 1-0 win over a Singapore select side.

“It is a small country but such a big market for football and we would like to get more claret and blue supporters in this part of the world,” a sharply-dressed Banaszkiewicz told Reuters.

“It has been a bit of an experience to be honest because we have never done anything like that before, it is normally done by agents so we have pretty much done a DIY job ourselves.”

“I always felt there were only three or four clubs that dominate south east Asia and this team (Burnley) has a rich tradition and has beaten some of those big clubs last season. Bars on a Saturday night are normally lined with fans in the red of Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal and the blue of Chelsea, eager to catch every minute of their matches.


SINGAPORE Businessman John Banaszkiewicz was so fed up of the Premier League’s top four teams claiming all the support in south east Asia that he decided to sponsor his beloved Burnley a trip to Singapore to boost their appeal.

But with Burnley’s surprise 1-0 win over Manchester United in last season’s Premier League and this trip to Singapore, the Burnley-born Banaszkiewicz said he had already noticed an increase in interest in the two-times English champions.

“We were hoping to play in Indonesia as well and Thailand because it was meant to be a bit of a bonding session for the players but we weren’t able to do that in the end because it was deemed a security risk so they decided to (just) come here.”

With the prank providing some office laughs John B, as he is more commonly known in Burnley circles, decided to send a photo of the clocks to his then Premier League side.

The photo prompted Burnley to invite Banaszkiewicz to come to watch the 2-1 home defeat by eventual Premier League winners Chelsea at the end of January.

“At that time they were discussing their shirt sponsorship with Fun88, which is a Singapore based company, and I said they are absolutely mad about soccer out there (Singapore) so what about organising a tour?” Banaszkiewicz said.

But hundreds of the few thousand in attendance on a muggy Saturday night at the Jalan Besar Stadium came in Manchester United shirts, demonstrating the challenge ahead for Burnley and Banaszkiewicz.

The story of how Burnley made it to the tiny south east Asian city state is an unlikely one which started with the clocks in the London office of Banaszkiewicz’s company earlier this year and demonstrated a warmth that the club should market.

“(English team’s pre-season tours) tend to be very quick trips by like Liverpool, who were here one day and were a bit prima donnaish (they) kind of went and left where as these guys have mingled and talked to people. I think the team have done very well.”

Click for info

More States Betting on Legalized Gambling to Create Revenue; Regional Gaming Facing Compression

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

bank subsidiary CIT Bank (Member FDIC),, offers a variety of savings options designed to help

customers achieve their financial goals. regions offer bright spots: Newly created

jurisdictions in Massachusetts, Ohio and Maryland have casinos in the

pipeline to be built, or opening soon. Dependent upon the markets in which those companies operate,

this situation could potentially lead to higher borrowing costs in

markets that are under pressure or declining due to increased


Some U.S. CIT maintains leadership

positions in middle

market lending, factoring,


and equipment

finance, as well as aerospace,


and rail

leasing. It provides

financing, leasing and advisory services to its clients and their

customers across more than 30 industries.

These are some of the insights found in “Betting

on the Commercial Gaming Sector” (,

the latest installment in the CIT

Executive Spotlight (

series of in-depth executive QAs.

About CIT Corporate Finance

Epperly offers additional insights into the U.S. Follow us

on Twitter,



and Facebook

or register to receive press releases at

About CIT

Founded in 1908, CIT (NYSE:CIT) is a financial holding company with more

than $35 billion in financing and leasing assets. Las Vegas is also on the

rebound with increased investment in new openings and property


Online gaming will benefit from more regulation: Online gaming

will roll out slowly, on a state-by-state basis, likely under the

regulatory framework already established in these states for

traditional land-based gaming. Larger

operators are shedding non-core properties which are creating

opportunities for smaller, less diversified companies to pick up new

businesses and diversify themselves.

Potential borrowing cost increase on the horizon: Many gaming

operators have maturities and obligations coming due in the next few

years. gaming industry,


“In the face of tightened budgets and revenue streams, gaming is

becoming more and more important to states,” notes Epperly. As a

result of profitable investments in Macau that kept some operators

afloat during the Great Recession, companies are looking toward Japan,

South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam as prime real

estate for the next gaming boom.

“An increasing number of states want to provide gaming options to their

residents rather than see them head to adjacent states to gamble,

leading to the recent expansion of the gaming industry,” says Epperly.

. Growth in online gaming will reach a

tipping point when a critical mass of states approve the activity and

then enter into interstate compacts that pool gamers in these states

together, similar to those agreements that govern multistate lotteries

such as Powerball.

Opportunities in the market exist in commercial, Native American

and abroad: Asia remains a growing international market. (NYSE:CIT),

a leading provider of commercial lending, leasing and advisory services. Expect to see continued loan demand

in the Native American gaming sector from expansions on better

performing Native American casinos and on the commercial side, loan

demand will be driven by MA activity and refinancing.

The Midwest is facing this particular situation, where Ohio’s recent

casino openings are putting pressure on operators in Illinois and

Michigan. Compounding the compression is

the fact that middle class gamblers–the staple consumer for many

regional markets–now game less frequently in the wake of the Great


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advisory services to the middle market with a focus on specific

industries, including: Aerospace Defense, Business Services,

Communications, Energy, Entertainment, Gaming, Healthcare, Industrials,

Information Services Technology, Restaurants, Retail, and Sports

Media. “Traditional

regional gaming markets are feeling the impact of this expansion,

whereas before they enjoyed exclusivity within their markets, they now

have to deal with new entrants in adjacent states.”


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The sector is looking for a mixed bag of financing options in an

effort to reinvent itself: Gaming companies are using financing

for expansion, greenfield project finance and acquisitions. Additionally, the rise of Pennsylvania’s casinos has put

pressure on Connecticut’s gaming sector.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As more states look to fill their coffers with gaming revenue, many

regional operators are facing increased pressure from the added

competition from adjacent markets, according to Steve

Epperly, Senior Director, CIT

Corporate Finance, Gaming, a division of CIT

Group Inc. CIT’s U.S