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ESPN Deportes UEFA Champions League Telecasts Begin Today

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

ESPN Deportes commentator Jose Hernandez (play-by-play) and Claudio Jijon (analysis) will compose a third telecast team to handle increased schedule of games. Viewers are encouraged to call their local cable and satellite provider to inquire about the availability of ESPN Deportes. Real Madrid vs. FC Bayern Munich vs. FC PortoWeds., Sept. 28 7:00 p.m. 30 1:30 a.m. 15 4:45 p.m. Werder BremenTues., Sept.

– Live commentary of selected matches

– Real-time scoring

– Telecasts of UEFA Champions League Highlights, a weekly 30-minute highlight program airing Thursdays of each match week hosted by Randy Alvarez reviews all the top goals and plays from the league. 20 Matchday #3*Tues., Nov. AFC AjaxTues., Sept. Manchester United FCTues., Sept. 30 1:00 p.m. In total, ESPN Deportes will offer coverage of 77 matches and up 186 original hours of UEFA Champions League programming. Leverkusen vs. Oct. Nov.

The ESPN Deportes coverage of UEFA Champions League will include three teams of announcers made up of ESPN broadcasting veteran Luis Omar Tapia (play-byplay), Diego Balado (analysis), Randy Alvarez (play-by-play) and soccer legend Mario Kempes, who will be making his debut as UEFA Champions League analyst. 14 7:00 p.m. Nov. Chelsea FCWeds., Sept.

– will provide in-depth coverage of this year’s UEFA Champions League , including:

– Interactive chat sessions hosted by ESPN Deportes commentators two hours prior to the match . ValenciaTues., Oct.19 – Weds. 2 – Weds. 29 4:45 p.m. Each match day, the network will televise selected matches LIVE, while featuring the remaining matches on short turnaround or tape delay. 15 10:30 p.m. Olympique Lyonnais vs.

ESPN Deportes, which will offer more UEFA Champions League matches than any television network in the U.S., will provide extensive, season-long coverage from the group stage through the final match.

DATE TIME (ET) TEAMSTues., Sept. 15 2:30 p.m. 23 – Weds. FC Porto vs. FC Barcelona vs. Liverpool vs. PSG FC vs. ET, just a few hours before the season begins. AS Monaco vs. AS RomaWeds., Sept. 14 2:30 p.m. 7 – Weds., Dec. FC Internazionale vs. 28 4:45 p.m. “Many of our viewers are passionate soccer fans, and ESPN Deportes is proud to deliver season-long coverage of this great competition.”

– Telecasts of UEFA Champions League Weekly, ESPN’s weekly series airing Friday evenings during the UEFA Champions League season provides updates, interviews, features and historical pieces on the league. FenerbahceTues., Sept. Chelsea FC vs. FC Barcelona vs. 14 11:30 p.m. AFC Ajax vs. Juventus FCWeds., Sept. Celtic FCTues., Sept. Manchester United vs. 3 Matchday #4*Tues., Nov. Celtic FCThurs., Sept. 14, 2004– Matchday #1 to Feature Europe’s Best Clubs, Including Defending Champions FC Porto, FC Barcelona, Juventus FC, Manchester United FC, Liverpool and Real Madrid CF

ESPN Deportes will begin its extensive coverage of the 2004 UEFA Champions League season this week by featuring Europe’s best clubs, including defending champions FC Porto, FC Barcelona, Juventus FC, Liverpool, Manchester United FC and Real Madrid CF. Real Madrid CFThurs., Sept. PFC CSKA MoskvaTues., Sept. AC Milan vs. 16 1:00 a.m. AS MonacoWeds., Sept. DonetskThurs., Sept. 28 11:30 p.m. 14 4:45 p.m.

– Columns from ESPN Deportes commentators Diego Balado, Jose Hernandez and Luis Omar Tapia and soccer analyst Vito de Palma

Additional highlights of ESPN Deportes UEFA Champions League coverage:

– Photo galleries

“UEFA Champions League is a showcase for the best soccer players in the world, including many from Latin America,” said Lino Garcia, general manager, ESPN Deportes. 8 Matchday #6**Match schedule still TBD

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. Werder Bremen vs. 28 2:30 p.m.

As a prelude to the start of the 2004 UEFA Champions League season, Luis Omar Tapia will host a chat on today at 12 p.m. 29 2:30 p.m. 24 Matchday #5*Tues., Dec. Deportivo La CorunaTues., Sept

Cheap Sousaphones for Sale – InfoBarrel

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Sousaphones are a member of the brass family, and bear a strong resemblance to the tuba. However, it is actually an easier instrument to play.

Sousaphones are musical instruments that are so big; it almost seems as if the player is wearing it instead of playing it. The cost of the instrument will vary, depending on the material that it is made of. That paints a very funny picture doesnt it?

Nowadays, they are made of fiberglass, but are also made using yellow or silver sheet brass. Yes; and its even called a Sousaphone chair. They are not used in orchestra or classical music, but instead are very popular as marching band instruments.

An interesting fact about the sousaphone is that it has its own chair. Sousaphones are conical, valved, brass instruments.

The fiberglass sousaphones are less costly, and the lighter weight makes it easier to carry. The Yamaha and Jupiter models are usually lower in price.

It has often been said that being able to play the tuba is good practice before taking up the sousaphone. The 3 valve BBb (double b-flat) instrument is normally recommended for beginners, or for children in the school band.

Professional sousaphones are more expensive and prices range from $4,000 to $6,000 and up. The chair also comes in handy if you ever have to use the instrument in a concert setting, because it allows the instrument to be played without the player being weighed down.. Like other brass instruments, they have silver, lacquer or gold plating. They are also the big brother of the brass instruments, because they can weigh as much as 50 lbs.

It was for this reason that a music educator by the name of Henry Wenger realized the need for the instrument to have its own chair, and patented one. The major models include Conn, King, Yamaha, and Jupiter. Also, they are played using piston valves.

If you are a beginner looking to purchase a sousaphone, then its a good idea to buy one made of fiberglass. It will be cheaper and easier to manage. Four valve instruments are also available, but are less popular, more expensive, and heavier in weight. This of course makes it much easier to manage. The wrap around look was actually the notion of the inventor, American composer John Phillip Sousa, after whom the instrument is named.

No need to worry though, they do have small 18 pounders. Originally nicknamed the rain catcher because of the bell-up design, Sousaphones were later designed with bells facing forward.

The size of the bell is about 26 inches, up from about 22 inches originally, so one cannot imagine what they would called today if the bell still faced upwards. Why a chair? Just imagine a 5 year old learning to play the Sousaphone and trying to support it. Sousaphones play an important role in military and school marching bands, and form the basis of the bands sound.

They were originally made from metal, which must have made it somewhat of a chore to carry around, but contemporary ones are made of fiberglass

Power Knot’s Liquid Food Composter; reducing carbon footprints worldwide – San Jose Green Business

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

The idea behind the LFC is to produce an aerobic way to reduce food waste. With more than 50 tons going to the land fill in a single day, using a LFC could be cut down the cost of 1000′s of tons per day to just a few 100 tons in a matter of weeks. However, areas such as New York City, the cost can be as high as $250 a ton. Milnes said, So as the waste is digested the water goes through the fine mesh screen and then goes down the drain. The machine itself can weigh the amount of waste food that is digested daily in the machine. But what if there was another way to help offset your corporate footprint. New LFCs can be shipped in a weeks time after the order. This simple solution cans significantly reduce the carbon footprint for conventional cafeterias and food services by more than 100%.

President of Power Knot LLC., Iain Milnes showing a Liquid Food Composter

Amy Nilson

One of a more recent purchaser of the LFC is Fujitsu. In Miami its $150 a ton, Milnes said. Milnes said, When waste food goes to the landfill it decomposes into methane, which is 72 times worse for the atmosphere than Carbon Dioxide. We sell that to commercial and military establishments. Curtis said, The machine has the potential of diverting 26,000 pounds of waste food from the landfill annually.

Recently Power Knot was able to sell several machines to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. This is an incredible turnaround for helping eliminating food waste, along with alternative sugar based biodegradable packaging products that can be substituted for other packaging materials..

President of Power Knot LLC., Iain Milnes said, When food is discarded into a landfill it degrades into methane, (CH4) causing huge effects on the atmosphere.

One of the smaller LFC machines digests about 150 pounds of food waste a day. The output is often referred to as grey water or reusable water for gardening or other outdoor uses. The machine uses standard types of hoses that a regular household would use for a clothes washer, or dish washing machine for hot and cold water.

When trying to reduce your carbon footprint, often people think about recycling their garbage or waste. The LFC works so well it reduces the possibility of releasing CH4 into the air, while creating a carbon neutral disposal system for food waste.

Milnes said, Water goes in to keep the live organisms moist that enable the digestive process.

Milnes said, For most business they are paying a certain amount to get rid of their trash on a per tonnage basis. The output from the machine is transformed into water and heat.

For more information how you can get started in aerobic digestion for your food service go to The LFC will begin to pay for itself when a business begins to pay more than $40 per ton of food waste. Army is reducing its food waste by 100% for cafeterias and food centers. Power Knot assembles the LFC in Milpitas , California . The idea behind the LFC is to reduce costs for disposal at the landfill for food waste products. By using a process known as Liquid Food Composting,hundreds of thousands of tons of food waste can be diverted away from the landfill. There is also a connector that allows a user through Google cloud to statistical data on what is happening from a different location of where the LFC machine is operating.

There is a very fine mesh screen at the bottom. Milnes said, The U.S. According to Robert Curtis, Environmental, Health and Safety & Security Services Specialist at Fujitsu, We realize that the waste food we discarded had a huge impact on our carbon footprint and we needed to solve the problem.

. Milnes said, The CO2 is returned to the atmosphere which was used to create that food in the first place. Costs can range from $20 – $25 a ton in places like Texas where there is only an operational incentive, not an environmental incentive to help reduce carbon impacts on the environment. When it decomposes inside our machine the carbon is a full carbon cycle, Milnes said. Milnes said, “The machine is installed on the customers site, but assembled by us at our site.” However it would require up to a months time for more than five machines to be delivered.

By simply turning on the machine the touch screen LCD readout can quickly tell you about how much food waste, along with how much Carbon Dioxide have been offset by millions of tiny micro-organisms used in the process. Its not a grinding process its a true digestive process, Milnes said.

Milnes said, We design and manufacture a Liquid Food Composter which digests waste food. The machine can pay for itself from four to eighteen months, based on the cost of getting rid of the trash. According to Power Knot, 1 ton of waste food releases 4.2 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

Manchester United chief Van Gaal remains unsure over Romero

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Louis van Gaal admits he does not yet know whether Sergio Romero is up to the job of being Manchester United’s No.1 on a long-term basis.

Romero joined United on a free transfer in the summer having run down his contract with Sampdoria, and despite being signed as back-up, the Argentinian has played every game so far this season with David De Gea left out as the saga around the Spaniard continues.

The 28-year-old has conceded only one goal in his five matches so far, but Van Gaal believes that record is due more to United’s defensive qualities, with Romero yet to be properly tested.

Van Gaal said: “I don’t think he is up to it yet because, until now, we haven’t allowed a lot of shots or moments in our 16-metre area.

“I think he has made very good saves but until now I think only maybe the save in Brugge at 1-0 was very important, but he did also a save against Tottenham.

“So he could not show what he can show, I think, but that is only a compliment for the team. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images). We wouldn’t have bought him if we didn’t believe in him.

“The difficulty in training was the co-operation between the new players and him. We have had special training sessions not only with him and the goalkeeping coach Frans Hoek, but also with the players.

“We have given a lot of attention to that and because of that we could overcome that.”

082915-Soccer-Manchester-United-Ser-d0b464faee67f410VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – AUGUST 22: Sergio Romero of Manchester United in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Newcastle United at Old Trafford on August 22, 2015 in Manchester, United Kingdom

Lionel Messi wins the 2012 Ballon d’Or

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Lionel Messi could play in the 1950s and the present day, as could Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff because they are all great players.

Past and present: Messi is congratulated by former winners Michel Platini and RonaldoPast and present: Messi is congratulated by former winners Michel Platini and Ronaldo

‘Lionel Messi without question fits into that category.’

Barcelona’s Guardiola was named the world’s best coach in 2011 after guiding Barcelona to five trophies including the Champions League, Spanish and Club World Cup.

Ferguson was given the FIFA presidential award for services to football, the 70-year-old Scot was presented with the award by FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

‘His first major success came at Aberdeen in 1983 but what is absolutely extraordinary is that in a world in which coaches are expected to produce instant results or be changed, his longevity is a shining example of what can be achieved through stability, continuity, investment in development and especially in trust and confidence in the personality himself.

Rooney said: ‘It was a great year and the highlight was winning the Premier League for the 19th time, which was a great moment for the club.’

Santos FC’s Brazilian forward Neymar won the FIFA Puskas award for the best goal of the year.. This exceptional personality in football has been managing the same club for 25 years – can you imagine that today?”

BySportsmail Reporter

Updated: 08:28 GMT, 10 January 2012

He said: ‘It is an honour for me in the twilight of my life and very, very much appreciated.

Top man: Barcelona's Pep Guardiola wins the FIFA World Coach of the Year awardTop man: Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola wins the FIFA World Coach of the Year award

Lionel Messi was awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the third successive year.

‘I have been a very, very lucky manager to have had so many good players who have shared my vision and passion, and that’s what makes Manchester United such a special club.

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic were both included in the world XI dominated by Spain-based players.

Ferguson said Messi could now be judged alongside the greats of world football through the ages, even though he is still only 24.

Happy boy: Messi poses with his award and Colombian singer ShakiraHappy boy: Messi poses with his award and Colombian singer Shakira

Ferguson himself praised Manchester United for sharing his vision of the game.

The FIFPro World XI was: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Dani Alves (Barcelona), Gerard Pique (Barcelona), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Nemanja Vidic (Man Utd), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid), Xavi (Barcelona), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Wayne Rooney (Man Utd).

‘Critics have always questioned whether players like Pele from the 50s could play today,’ said Ferguson.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Xavi both paid tribute to Messi.

Blatter said: ‘Elite football is all about results and winning and there is no one better at it than him.

Guardiola won the FIFA honour ahead of Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho and Ferguson.

‘They retain the courage to play, the courage to try and win. Earlier at FIFA’s annual awards ceremony, Norio Sasaki won the award for best coach of a women’s team. You don’t always win in football – sometimes you lose but we always try to win.’

Boy from Brazil: Neymar picks up the FIFA Puskas award for best goal (below)Boy from Brazil: Neymar picks up the FIFA Puskas award for best goal (below)

Messi, man of the match in the Champions League final in 2011, also won the Primera Division, Spanish Supercopa, UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup last year.

Top prize: Argentina's Lionel Messi won the Ballon D'Or for the third year in a rowTop prize: Argentina’s Lionel Messi won the Ballon D’Or for the third year in a row

Barcelona’s 24-year-old Argentina striker beat team-mate Xavi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo to the title of the world’s best player.

‘He’s going to be one of the best footballers in the history of the sport.’

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Messi’s Barcelona team-mate Xavi supported Ferguson’s view, saying: ‘He’s still young, only 24, and I think he’s going to break all the records that exist in this sport.

‘The answer to that is great players would play in any generation. He guided Japan to the 2011 Womens’s World Cup.

The good and the great: Wayne Rooney receives the FIFA/FIFPro World XI award from Brazilian legend PeleThe good and the great: Wayne Rooney receives the FIFA/FIFPro World XI award from Brazilian legend Pele

Earlier in the evening, Ferguson and Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola were awarded at the ceremony.

Special praise: Sir Alex Ferguson was given the FIFA presidential award for services to football by Sepp BlatterSpecial praise: Sir Alex Ferguson was given the FIFA presidential award for services to football by Sepp Blatter

Star appeal: Franz Beckenbauer, Blatter, Shakira and Ferguson pose for the camerasStar appeal: Franz Beckenbauer, Blatter, Shakira and Ferguson pose for the cameras

‘He has earned a knighthood from Her Majesty the Queen for services to the game

Suarez Tops the BSports Power 50 While Messi, Ibrahimovic & Ronaldo Are in the Top Five

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

BSports has also developed pre

and post-game commentary packs along with on-air graphics for

broadcasters including Sky Sports, Channel 4, Turner and Fox in a number

of sports. Bloomberg Sports was named by SportsPro (2014) as one of “50

Companies Shaping World Sport”, by Fast Company (2013/14) as Finalist

for the “Most Innovative Technology Companies in Sport”, and by Mashable

as one of the “Five Most Innovative Sports Brands for 2012″. The full BSports list of players can be found at

along with a more detailed explanation of the methodology.

The BSports rankings provide the most scientifically-based analysis of

player performance relevant to their respective positions. The system

evaluates the thousands of data points collected during every match and

analyses players based on their core responsibilities on the field to

produce a BSports Rating (BSR).

Manchester City were the best represented English team with four players

on the list (Silva, Touré, Demichelis & Hart), with Southampton,

Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid each featuring

three players. “The Power 50 index stirred healthy

debate among fans and experts during its inaugural year, demonstrating a

clear appetite from fans across the globe for advanced football


Atlético de Madrid (8), AS Roma (7), Juventus (7), Manchester City



Launched in 2010, Bloomberg Sports (BSports) takes the technology

developed by Bloomberg, the leading global provider in data and

analytics, and applies it to the vast data analysis opportunities in

sports. This index, evaluating players purely from the data, has

become a reliable measuring stick for player performance in the minds of

the fans.”

Italian (7), English (5), Spanish (5), Brazilian (5), French (4)





Suarez, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Strootman



o TOP 5:

Serie A (14), Premier League (13), La Liga (12), Bundesliga (6),

Ligue 1 (5)


Half of top ten not participating in Brazil (17 of Power 50)
























Luis Suarez








Premier League









Lionel Messi








La Liga









Zlatan Ibrahimovic




Paris Saint Germain




Ligue 1









Cristiano Ronaldo




Real Madrid




La Liga









Kevin Strootman




AS Roma




Serie A









Diego Costa




Atlético de Madrid




La Liga









Mehdi Benatia




AS Roma




Serie A









Robert Lewandowski




Borussia Dortmund

















Atlético de Madrid




La Liga









David Silva




Manchester City




Premier League









Franck Ribéry




Bayern München













Marco Reus




Borussia Dortmund

















Atlético de Madrid




La Liga









Yaya Touré




Manchester City




Premier League









Carlos Tévez








Serie A









Leandro Castan




AS Roma




Serie A









Martín Demichelis




Manchester City




Premier League









Diego Godín




Atlético de Madrid




La Liga













AS Roma




Serie A









Thiago Silva




Paris Saint Germain




Ligue 2









Miralem Pjanic




AS Roma




Serie A













Atlético de Madrid




La Liga









Filipe Luis




Atlético de Madrid




La Liga









Gareth Bale




Real Madrid




La Liga









Giorgio Chiellini








Serie A













Atlético de Madrid




La Liga









Daniele De Rossi




AS Roma




Serie A













Atlético de Madrid




La Liga









Karim Benzema




Real Madrid




La Liga









Mats Hummels




Borussia Dortmund













Dejan Lovren








Premier League









Eden Hazard








Premier League









Morgan De Sanctis




AS Roma




Serie A









Edinson Cavani




Paris Saint Germain




Ligue 3









Jose Fonte








Premier League









Gary Cahill








Premier League









Paul Pogba








Serie A









Aaron Ramsey








Premier League









Gianluigi Buffon








Serie A









Adrián Ramos




Hertha BSC













Loic Perrin




St Etienne




Ligue 4









Daniel Sturridge








Premier League









Andrea Barzagli








Serie A









Andrea Pirlo








Serie A









Rickie Lambert








Premier League









Leonardo Bonucci








Serie A









Simon Kjaer








Ligue 5









Wayne Rooney




Manchester United




Premier League









Joe Hart




Manchester City




Premier League









Roberto Firmino




TSG Hoffenheim










. Serie A provided the most players from one league (14

players), with the Premier League (13) and La Liga (12) following.

Luis Suarez of Liverpool FC topped the index with a BSports Rating (BSR)

of 86.02. BSports delivers services for teams, broadcasters and athletes

and boasts a consumer tool for European football, “Match Analysis,”; a

powerful predictive and analytic tool forecasting game results and

scores to help bettors ‘beat the bookie’. The rankings provide a

purely objective analysis that evaluates players in their respective

positions and considers the context of opponent strength in each game

throughout the season. said Bill Squadron,

President of Bloomberg Sports. The comprehensive index covers the entire

2013-2014 season, highlighting the performances of some of the world’s

most recognized and lauded players, along with some of the sport’s

rising stars.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bloomberg Sports (BSports), the world’s leaders in sports analytic

technology, today unveiled the 2013/14 edition of the “BSports Power

50″, the most advanced data-driven ranking of individual player

performances across Europe’s top five leagues. Lionel Messi (85.43) beat Zlatan Ibrahimovic (84.91) into

second place and Cristiano Ronaldo (84.59) of Champions League finalists

Real Madrid ranks fourth. On the attacking side, there is an

emphasis on a player’s effectiveness and efficiency in passing,

creativity, shooting and scoring, among other more granular areas.

About Bloomberg Sports

“In this exciting World Cup year, we are pleased today to unveil our

second edition of the BSports Power 50″. For more

information go to

Diego Costa (6th) was one of eight Atlético de Madrid players

to make the top 50 list, whilst AS Roma (led by Kevin Strootman) and

Juventus (led by Carlos Tevez) each placed seven players, respectively. This BSR includes evaluations on the

defensive performance of a player, such as the effectiveness and

efficiency of the player in key metrics, as well as the performance of

the defensive unit as a whole

Vidal will make his decision after hols.

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

All rights reserved.

“Now the only thing on my mind is that I have seven or eight days of holiday left and I want to go away from Chile in order to have a good rest.”

Vidal, who has three years left on his contract, has not ruled out staying at Juve for the long term.

Vidal moved to Juve from Bayer Leverkusen in 2011 and scored 11 goals in 32 league appearances to help the Turin giants win their third straight league title last season.

“I have won the Serie A title three times and I respect my team-mates.

Juve stated they have no intention of selling Vidal unless the midfielder expresses his wish to leave.

“It’s difficult to speak of other teams when you are already at a top club,” Vidal said.

Vidal has been strongly linked with a move away from Turin this summer with Manchester United and Real Madrid among the top clubs keen to acquire the 27-year-old’s services.

“Have I completed a cycle (at Juve)? I don’t feel that way,” he said. “I have heard about the interest shown by Real Madrid and (Manchester) United in me but there is someone (Vidal’s agent) who deals with this.”

Juve unveiled Massimiliano Allegri as their new coach this week following the surprise decision of manager Antonio Conte to step down after three successful seasons in charge.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2014 Gale, Cengage Learning. “Perhaps I will remain at Juventus all my life. Once I arrive to Italy I will speak to the coach and see what happens.

The South American, who competed at the World Cup and helped his country reach the last 16 of the tournament, is expected to return to Turin for pre-season training on July 28.

JUVENTUS and Chile star Arturo Vidal insists he will only decide his future once he returns to Italy from his holidays.

Students Design Better World – ABC News

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

The chair, which can be built and fixed with common bicycle parts manufactured in hundreds of thousands of factories across the globe, has been tested in East Africa, Guatemala and India. The two students had worked in poor communities in the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo, Tocantins and Mato Grosso do Sul in partnership with students from MIT. Biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen, converting it into solid carbon and pyrolysis gas, which can then be used as a cleaner-burning fuel source.

The “Be the Change: Save a Life” initiative is supported in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

For complete coverage and information on how you can personally make a difference, go to

Do you have an idea that you think can change the world? CLICK HERE to submit an idea to “Be the Change: Save a Life.”

This story is part of ABC News’ “Be the Change: Save a Life” initiative, a year-long series of broadcast and digital coverage focusing on global health issues. First, she worked on the design of what’s called the WaterWheel, improving its durability and lowering the cost. The electricity in turn can partly charge a battery (delivering well-needed lighting after dark) and operate a fan directed at the combustion of the stove’s biofuel, making the whole process more energy-efficient. Koenig launched a nonprofit organization to help distribute a locally available water transportation tool. The task of water collection often falls to women and young girls, who carry the water on their heads and often miss school in the daily search for water.

Solution: When Cynthia Koenig, MBA/MS ’11 (pictured) visited South Africa on a William Davidson Institute fellowship from the University of Michigan, she was moved by the effects of the global water crisis. They do this through the use of a product called biochar. Soil depletion can lead to poor agricultural yields and malnutrition.

Solution: While studying at Princeton University, Jason Amburu visited the Amazon and saw an ancient technique called pyrolisis, which offers a way to fight soil depletion in the developing world. According to the United Nations, the average person should consume at least 5 gallons of water each day, or 44 pounds. candidate Amos Winter is making inroads across the globe with a far more simple idea: revolutionizing the wheelchair. The fumes produced by this method kill an estimated 1.9 million people a year, according to the United Nations.

Solution: Paul Montgomery, a graduate student at Pennsylvania State University, is helping design a better cook stove for people in developing countries. The device reads the color of an object or the value of a money bill, and speaks the name out loud. His company, re:char, is bringing this ancient Amazonian farming method to the masses, helping subsistence farmers in the developing world to enhance their crop yields and supplement their income while trapping atmospheric carbon and enriching depleted soils. ET.. Montgomery’s device, still at the experimental stage, captures some of the stove’s waste heat and converts the heat into sound waves in a simple thermo-acoustic engine. The Leveraged Freedom Chair, or LFC, came about when Winter wanted to find a way to spend the summer in Tanzania with his girlfriend. His mentor, Amy Smith of MIT’s D-Lab, suggested he look into wheelchairs. Students around the world are designing and distributing products for developing countries. Most developing countries lack access to high-tech medical devices, and a lack of infrastructure makes them difficult to maintain when they do exist.

Solution: Over the course of several years, Rhode Island School of Design students at the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovation Technology helped create a low- cost solution so effective it was named one of Time magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2010. The more-efficient the combustion, the less biomass is burned during cooking, which produces fewer fumes, making it safer and healthier.

Wheelchair Can Tackle Unpaved Roads, Rough TerrainWater Transport

Problem: More than 1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. The durable, low- cost, neonatal incubator has easy upkeep, so it can be repaired in the regions of the world where it’s most needed.

Better Cooking Stoves

Problem: More than 3 billion people use open fires for cooking. The LFC works through long, ratchet-like levers that change gears, allowing it to cross the tough terrains and unpaved roads that are common in the developing world. Koenig plans to return to India, where she ran trials last summer, after graduation to get the project up and running.

The Leveraged Freedom Chair: The Wheelchair for the Rural Developing World

Problem: 20 million to 40 million people who need wheelchairs in the developing world don’t have them, and the wheelchairs currently on the market don’t work well for people living in rural areas in developing countries.

Solution: Most people think of advanced science and technology when they hear mention of MIT. Here are some of their recent innovations:

A Neonatal Incubator From Car Parts

Problem: More than 4 million babies, mostly from the world’s poorest regions, die within a month of birth every year, and many of these deaths could have been prevented had a working incubator been available. Manufacture will start in India when testing trials finish, and Winter plans to use sales of the LFC in wealthy countries to donate chairs in the developing world.

Ancient Amazons Inspire Modern Day SolutionsAffordable Color and Money Identifier for the Blind

Problem: There are 37 million blind people in the world, and more than 124 million people who can’t identify money.

Solution: Two master’s degree students at the School of Engineering of the University of Sao Paulo, Fernando de Oliveira Gil and Nathalia Sautchuk Patrcio, developed Auire, a low-cost, portable color and money bill identifier. Their mission is to get this out to the blind people of the world, for a fraction of the cost of what similar devices sell for.

Increasing Crop Yields to Fight Soil Depletion

Problem: Around the world, soil is being swept and washed away 10 to 40 times faster than it is being replenished, destroying cropland the size of Indiana every year, reports a new Cornell University study. The organization also came up with a business plan, to make sure that the product could actually reach the people it was intended to help. But Ph.D. Watch the kickoff on a special-edition of “20/20″ tonight at 10 p.m. Tom Weis, Mike Hahn and Adam Geremia were among the RISD students who built the prototype for the incubator designed with used car parts. Then the acoustic energy is converted into a tiny bit of electricity in an electro-acoustic transducer

Andrés Iniesta: “Hacer felices a millones de personas no tiene precio” – Sudáfrica 2010 en CNN México – Deportes

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

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Pienso que fue el mejor momento del mundo para hacer un homenaje a un gran amigo y a una gran persona”.

El jugador manchego ha afirmado que pese a la derrota inicial ante Suiza, siempre tuvo “fe y mucha confianza” en la seleccin: “Ha sido una temporada dura para m por diversos motivos, aunque tambin he tenido momentos en los que me he encontrado bien. Si viene estaremos encantados. “Son cosas que yo no decido y en las que intervienen otras personas. Andrs Iniesta, adems, ha indicado que estara encantado si los jugadores del Bara son aplaudidos en los campos de Espaa: “Por encima de rivalidades y los sentimientos, a la gente le gusta el futbol. No pierdo un segundo en pensar que puedo ganar el Baln de Oro”.

“La temporada que viene empieza de cero y hay nuevos retos que conseguir. Pill el Mundial con muchas ganas y tena la ilusin de que saliese bien”, ha relatado.

Asimismo, el de Fuentealbilla (Albacete) ha apuntado que ha tenido tiempo para pensar en muchas cosas durante el Mundial y ha reconocido que la explosin de felicidad que sinti al marcar el gol de la victoria ante Holanda fue similar al da que consigui marcar ante el Chelsea en Londres.

BARCELONA (Efe) El jugador del Barcelona Andrs Iniesta, autor del gol que dio la victoria a Espaa frente a Holanda en la final del Mundial de Sudfrica, ha reconocido este martes en la capital catalana que hacer felices a tantos millones de aficionados es algo que no tiene precio.

Encuentra este artculo con: andrs iniesta, fuentealbilla, albacete, chelsea en londres, dani jarque, cesc fbregas, carles puyol, gerard piqu, bara, xavi, baln de oro

“Cada situacin tiene su momento. Slo puedo decir que me siento muy feliz jugando a futbol, haciendo mi trabajo y despus de marcar un gol tan importante”.

Por ltimo, Iniesta ha negado que haber ganado tantos ttulos en las ltimas temporadas vaya a ser negativo para los jugadores del Bara.

“Hacer felices a millones de personas que siguen y sufren con la seleccin no tiene precio y eso me congratula; la felicidad de la gente no tiene precio”, ha dicho.

Obviamente, el azulgrana ha explicado en qu momento escribi la dedicatoria a Dani Jarque: “Siempre lo he tenido en mente. No sabes por qu, pero se te ocurre. Llorente me lo coment, porque algunos compaeros se acordaron de Puerta. El futbolista no se conforma con lo que tiene y espero seguir en esta lnea”, ha sentenciado.

Iniesta ha destacado que el Bara puede sentirse orgulloso de tener tantos jugadores en la seleccin campeona del mundo. “Todos debemos sentirnos orgullosos de formar parte de la cantera del Bara y el Bara de tener a tantos jugadores en la campeona del mundo”, ha agregado.. El club dara un salto de calidad tremendo, porque aportara su parte para seguir en lo ms alto de todas las competiciones”.

Asimismo, ha dicho que existen muchas similitudes entre el juego del Bara y el de la seleccin y que en cierta medida es “inevitable” porque hay muchos futbolistas azulgranas en el combinado nacional, aunque ha matizado que Espaa tiene “alternativas en el juego y otros recursos”.

Iniesta ha aadido que “es difcil de explicar lo que siento. Cuando marqu ante el Chelsea fue un momento de mxima alegra, igual que cuando lo logr el pasado domingo. A todo espectador le gusta el equipo que juega bien y no va reido con ser de un equipo u otro”.

Otro nombre propio ha sido el de Cesc Fbregas, a quien Carles Puyol y Gerard Piqu enfundaron ayer la camiseta azulgrana durante las celebraciones del Mundial: “Vamos a ver qu pasa. La idea surge en la final. Hay pocas selecciones que puedan ganar un Mundial y conseguirlo es lo ms grande que hay”, ha subrayado.

El barcelonista ha reconocido que ha tenido la suerte de “estar en este momento de la historia del futbol y de conseguir muchas cosas” y ha aadido que ahora toca “disfrutar del ttulo y de las vacaciones”.

Respecto a la posibilidad de que Xavi o l ganen el prximo Baln de Oro, ha comentado que le da igual

Wenger believes the Gunners have a good chance of winning title

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

(Photo by Michael Regan – The FA/The FA via Getty Images). Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal have everything in place to win their first Barclays Premier League title in more than a decade.

The Gunners have enjoyed a strong pre-season campaign which culminated in a 1-0 Community Shield victory over Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday.

Petr Cech is the only summer arrival at north London this summer, but despite Thierry Henry’s suggestion that they need a striker in Benzema’s class to compete in the title race, Wenger said he believes his current squad is good enough to bridge what was a 12-point gap to Chelsea last season.

Asked if he feels his squad can with the title, Wenger, speaking ahead of his side’s opener against West Ham at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, said: “I believe yes, all going well, and us maintaining our game.

“That’s important as well – that we develop what we do well and do not stand still.

“That means we develop our cohesion, our passing game. “After that let’s see how it goes. So let’s start strong this season and I believe we have the needed ingredients.”

Although Wenger was in a positive mood ahead of the new campaign, he took a swipe at the decision to start this season’s Premier League one week earlier.

“Look, I am not a fan of starting earlier because I think it is a massive mistake for England to start one week earlier because you have no Christmas break,” he said.

“And I don’t know who came up with the idea that one game less at Christmas deserves one week holiday less especially when you have a European Championship after the season.

“It is completely unexplainable and a decision once again that on the technical side we were not consulted at all.”

080715-Soccer-Arsenal-Arsene-Wenger-1c5d01422180f410VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 02: Arsene Wenger, Manager of Arsenal looks on during the FA Community Shield match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Wembley Stadium on August 2, 2015 in London, England. After 15 games you will know more about that.

“Last year after 12 games we were 15 points behind Chelsea, and in the next 26 we took 58 points and Chelsea 55, so that means we missed our start to the season because it was after the World Cup. If we are capable to keep the cohesion and the solidarity we have at the moment through the 38 games, we have a good chance.”

Wenger conceded that Chelsea will start as the title favorites, but the Frenchman highlighted the importance of a strong opening to their campaign after last season’s stuttering start.

“Chelsea won it by a margin last year so they are the favorites,” he said