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Top Ten Things I Learned On Social Networking Sites

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

There is even more fear concerning rogue fascist domestic terrorist groups like the CIA, NSA, FBI[2], so forth and so on, using fake profiles to gather info and such it’s everywhere. Expectations are sort of like chains when they’re not met, they’ll only bring you down. People Will Up And Die On You.

This goes without saying, or should, but we’re all mortal. You Can Learn A LOT Debating Online

Oh it’s kinda clich, arguing on the web; and most often, it is a complete waste of your time, and whoever you are politely conversing with’s time too. Trust your instincts with online friendships. Thanks for reading.

I’ve made a huge number of lasting friendships on the social networks. retired and uninterested. It can also get you so angry you misbehave and make a fool of yourself. I’ll not argue THAT.

Before there was Myspace there was a thing called Friendster, and a whole slew of other sites that no one hardly remembers I never saw the Friendster era, I was busy living a ridiculous life void of social networking, and completely internet free. These days if a man or woman doesn’t have some sort of social networking link to the world they’re truly endorsing an alternative lifestyle. The internet causes NOTHING. If you’ve a business and you want it to succeed, well, you aren’t doing your all for your business if it doesn’t have a social networking page. Yes, I just won hypocrite of the internet universe awards with that previous sentence. Oh it is true places like Facebook will chang your privacy settings because they never once cared about you. I surely can’t care. Some of these people you get into it with online are clearly and without a doubt so mentally unbalanced there is no repairing them. Your employer or your prospective employer is going to look at your social media posts to decide on whether or not you are the type of corporate robot they want to employee[3]. They don’t care about you, they never did, all they care about is their sponsors. You Should NEVER Be Concerned With Offending Someone Online

Listen, if you haven’t offended someone, you’re probably just sharing grumpy cat pictures, or you only befriend persons who are robotic drooling mirror images of yourself. Every single one of us has been born, and having been born, we only have ONE thing we must do, and that one thing is…we have to die. You can identify who exactly they are, what their biases are, and you can then figure out where and how they got them. If you’re determined to show everyone how brilliant you are by debating on the web, please do keep in mind that you might be so brilliant you forget to be kind. You can’t get that time back, you never ever will. Three of every four minutes spent in the world on social networks is on Facebook. Don’t stress about the web, my friends, I realize I’m male and kinda dumb, but I’ll put my address right out in front of people online. Social networking is the most popular online activity in the world. That person you thought was your rock solid friend might turn out to hate you. Learn To Work Your Privacy Settings, Or Else!

Look, if you haven’t realized by now the entire world can see your posts on Facebook or Twitter unless you stop them from it, it is your own fault. The web is seriously serious business, but there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. You’re not going to convince a communist that capitalism isn’t evil, and you’re not going to ever get enough funny pictures of cats. People will be able to judge your character and see the difference. signs of serious mental illness. Since I joined Myspace, in 2005 I’ve spent a ridiculous number of hours online on social networking sites; and here are the ten most important things I’ve learned.

Online Friendships


1. too young, or 2. Things are less scary than you may think though. Oh it’s all real, the threat of stalkers on the web; and those stalkers come in both sexes, and their stalking of you may not be sexually related at all. If you find yourself getting too worked up or maybe getting a headache; just step away and realize you’re doing yourself more harm than good.. I’m willing to bet you do as well. These corporate groups, interest groups, and federal government domestic terrorist groups like the NSA, DHS, those are all idiots, and they target idiots. If you’re not offending someone online, then my bets are that you’re not causing anyone to think something they didn’t already think, and so, you’ve done nothing much good for the growth of their mind. These people who work for these terrorist federal agencies, or even the (likely nonexistent) rogue private sector terrorist groups – those people are about as intelligent as the proverbial box of hair.

If you aren’t offending someone online, then my bet is you’re not making much, if any, positive difference in this world. Be that person, be the change you want to see in this world, and be that person online as well as off line.



6. You Can Have An Absolute Blast On Social Networking Sites

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Twitter person, a Facebook junkie, or even a Google Plus survivor, you can have some seriously good times online. When you’ve seen your non-sexually motivated hate filled stalker threaten to kill himself for you slamming his arguments and personality to bits in front of a large group, it’s maybe time to do the right thing, and simply block the person, or at the very least, take off the Hannibal Lector mask, and let it rest.

I’m a big believer in my own instincts. I find that even the hard hitting worker bees among us, those persons who never have a second to spare for social networking, they’ve still got a profile on Facebook. This might sound strange, I think it is strange, but it is the truth -I’ve made a huge number of friends, good friends, trustworthy genuine friends, and online, by first offending them. Most people are so steeped in their own biases they’ll never in a thousand years see beyond them. You are never ever EVER going to convince an atheist their nonsensical biases are nonsensical, and you are never ever EVER going to convince a fundamentalist Christian they don’t know jack about theology, and are scientifically illiterate. I did have an account on Myspace before I managed to score a computer. Recently I was doing my whole deal, spinning someone on their head for a seriously flawed perspective of the world, and the person freaked out and started accusing me of all manner of things which were either 1. If you trust yourself, and just delete/block sketchy people online who really aren’t your friends, you can’t do anything but WIN. Why would it be different on the social networks? It isn’t. People are not as dumb as you think all the time, they catch on in time, and they’ll either see that you are serious and have serious reasons for being who you are, or they’re not worth spending time online with.

7. You don’t have to pay taxes, nobody is going to force you to work or earn income, the only thing anyone has to do having been born is they have to die. Sarcastic raptor memes, sarcastic Willy Wonka memes, memes with “the most interesting man in the world,” none of those things reach saturation point for the social network junkie; and as you peruse the streams, the feeds, the groups, your life is passing you by.

There are loads of people who simply can not be reached. Hey, I often find myself having been blocked by persons who were previously Facebook “friends,” and I have no clue why they blocked me, I have no memory of ill words between us; and so…all I can do is laugh at them for having blocked me. I’ve got to meet several of these persons; and let me tell you, there’s little I like more than getting to hang out with someone who’d previously only been a little thumbnail image on a screen and the text that accompanies it. attention seeking ploys, or 2. No one is able to keep up that dime store mask they might wear online for long. It’s best to just go with the flow, and let relationships evolve as you evolve.

9. Why would you think an international corporation like Facebook would care about you …ever? I’m sorry if you thought that, you’ve got some serious catching up to do. Be Who You Are, Or You Are NOBODY

There’s been so much fear about corporate groups paying people to spread propaganda on the web through social networks. The social networks are full of surprises. Are you an idiot? I thought not.

A Few Of The Social Network Sites Out ThereSocial Networking Sites


Social Networking Is Here To Stay

I came to the game a little bit late. I’m a big believer in your ability to hear your inner voice too. It is up to YOU to keep on top of your social networking privacy settings, and they’re always going to be provided to you by someone wise who DOES care[4].

8. You can block someone on Facebook, and you can effectively control your posts, and you can find out exactly what the visibility settings are in various and sundry groups you may get invited to or join on a whim.

People respond to genuine persons. Thing is, you can learn something from those persons too. If someone gives you the creepy crawly feelings, just block them right away, and forget they exist.

Combat Debates – Little Ever ChangesWrong On The Internet


2. These social networks are just huge parts of our lives now; and there’s no end in sight to any of it[1]. You only need to not expect things, just let things happen. I’m not saying you should EVER look to offend people, I’m saying you should be straight up and honest at all times online…except when you’re being sarcastic and hilarious. Of course the other options are they’re 1. I know my real friends will overlook my ever present flaws, and will love me for the good things I do have to offer to them and everyone else.

You simply can not know what some random person you know of online is truly like unless you’ve met that person, and even having met someone, the individual may have all sorts of mental disorders, emotional problems, and weird things going on inside their heads which you are simply not privy to. You are conversing politely, right? I thought not, but the thing is, you really should be. People are Going To Surprise You

There is no end to the surprises you’ll encounter on the social networks. Oh I could surely defend my “righteous honor,” and reveal my majestic white shining steed….but at some points with some people, it is forever best for you and them to simply walk away.

Wasted Time – You Can’t Get It backWasting Time


4. I’m not afraid, there’s nothing to BE afraid of if you trust yourself, and you know you’re mature enough to recognize wisdom and folly. Shouldn’t you be visiting your parents, spending time with your kids, or working on the great American novel? I thought so.

5. You Can Make Lasting Friendships On The Web

It doesn’t matter if you live in a poor farming community in India, or if you are a high flying lawyer in one of the big cities in the USA; everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. You can lose your good friends on social networks in a twinkling of an eye, it is best to forever be straight forward with them, if you love someone, tell them you love them. I love my Facebook account, I just find it less amiable than I found Myspace.

Debating online can pass the lonely evenings. The person you thought was your enemy, well, that person might really have more friendship to offer you than the persons you expected the most friendship from. If you fail to tell someone you love them if you do, and then they die; that loss is forever.

So Much Fun


10. If someone gives you warm fuzzy feelings of the friendship kind, well, you should probably settle down a bit, and wait to see if the friendship sustains itself. You should use all your best instincts to determine who is or isn’t cool to hang with on the web; and you should tune anyone else’s opinion about another out completely unless you seriously need or feel you need some backup on the issue. You can also run into those rare folks who can say something that blows your head open, excites your mind with new possibilities, and for crying out loud, teaches you something you didn’t already know.

Learn Your Four Major Logical FallaciesLogical Fallacies



3. Oh the Myspace I used to love is long dead, it killed itself, really; and then Facebook took up the mantle, and continues to stink up the web. You should Probably Be Doing Something Productive Instead

Again, I’m captain hypocrite, but I know for certain I waste far too much time on social networks. You know what? All that is ridiculous. I never owned a computer until 2006, I think. Oh there are theories that the internet causes isolation. Why? Facebook is super convenient for getting in touch with persons you know but maybe don’t want to talk to on the telephone; and for a thousand other reasons.

It’s bizarre, but social networking has become such a huge part of our daily lives that persons without an internet presence are sometimes thought to be “potential domestic terrorists.” Then, of course, everyone knows everything we say on social networks is being monitored by nefarious government agencies that can’t seem to stop anyone from doing anything regardless. I can smell a loser federal cop ten miles away, and I’m willing to bet you can too. Just Because You Can Crush Someone In Debate, It Doesn’t Mean You Should

Listen, it should go without saying; but it must be stated: The internet is full of all kinds of persons. Oh don’t get me wrong. It’s best to take it all as it comes, and with a grain of salt. I surely can’t be offended. People respect the same things people have always respected, a straight forward, honest person who shows consistency and integrity. The internet is an inanimate thing, it takes humans to cause their own isolation.

When you worry about the fake profiles spying on you, you lose due to the fear itself

The Importance of improving your Casino Game and Poker Strategy skills before gambling by Keepitcasino team

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

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The Importance of improving your Casino Game and Poker Strategy skills before gambling

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Free Fantasy Sports Streak Games and Contests with Cash and Prizes

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Basketball and football include picking ATS (against the spread), which makes the closest thing to actually betting on sports on this list. is a sports betting information website that runs a free streak style contest with a top prize of $100,000. You do not have to pick everyday, but you must pick once every six days to keep your streak alive.

Only having the option of picking one game a day makes this contest one of my favorites. If you get your pick correct, your streak goes up. If you get it wrong, your streak resets to zero. My longest streak was seven in a row and my girlfriend had 11 in a row during basketball season. See the table to the right for a breakdown of the prizes.. Each day you can make one pick from a list of games that chooses. Many of the picks are not just picking which team will win. Other prizes are available for smaller streaks. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it is a contest that a smart sports fan has a reasonable shot at winning. We have found that during basketball season it was much easier to find a good pick than it has been during baseball season.


The ultimate goal is to build a streak of 24 correct picks for the overall grand prize of $100,000

Ten Ways to Stop Forever

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

It can lead to dire consequences that run the gamut from bankruptcy, job loss, depression, anxiety, loss of friends and family, and even suicide. Find help now and make a plan to begin quitting. Take it one day, or hour, at a time and keep in mind how great you will feel when you have come clean and stopped gambling with your life.

This addiction does not discriminate. If the propensity is there, and the gambler crosses over that invisible line into problem gambling, addiction can occur in anyones life. It isnt easy to quit gambling, but there are ways you can help yourself before you get to the point of no return.

Gambling addiction is brutal and highly destructive. An addiction like this can send people to jail, cause major social and occupational problems, mental instability, and financial devastation that can last for years.

Studies show that problem gamblers are more likely to commit suicide than all other types of addicts combined.. It does not matter whether the person is rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Here are ten strategies to use to stop gambling and reclaim your life!

Some Final Thoughts

Gambling is one of the most dangerous addictions, because of the related risk of suicide. It is so important for the addict to stop gambling sooner rather than later.

It is important to get help as soon as possible

Free Bets No Deposit Required Offers That Enhance Online Betting Experience

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

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Even though it looks like that, things have become very simple with the internet, in a way the internet complicates the online gaming scenario in its own way. If you do not understand these terms and conditions, you could end up making lots of mistakes while using the deals.

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By: Albert Hope

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Do You Want To Become Winner Today?

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

If you move very close to them, they will tell you that playing without a lottery system is like burning up your money.

Believe me, powerball is gaining a lot of popularity and people are rushing to play it. One dealership will offer you pretty much the exact same for your car as another car de … Some people said it is gambling so they dont want to get involved but some people see it as opportunity and it has now change their lives.

You need courage and a lot of confident to be able to win this game. I followed what they say and buy one good lottery system that was recommended by one of them. You need to pick five balls from the white balls and one ball from the red balls. They never quit instead they keep playing and keep studying the trend and the flow of the game.

Arts-and-Entertainment RSS Feed | RSS feed for this author

By: macktop

I know that some people have concluded that they cannot win the big jackpot again. It truly is very difficult to contemplate on your own a real enthusiast nowadays unless you attend this particular function connected with purchase.

Another thing you should learn from the power ball winners is that they never play without using a lottery system. Jones – New music enthusiasts everywhere know that data are actually where by it really is at. A car dealership is generally forced to have all their cars assessed by the Automobile Association. The city has seen a rapid development in the last two decades as … Tags: India property Bangalore, Property BangaloreGet Beautiful Hair That You Have Always Wanted At Bangalore’s Next Generation Home Salon By: James Daniel – To get beautiful, silky and voluminous hair is no longer a far-fetched dream as there is B’ Glam in Bangalore which sums up the total hair care system aimed at you.Tags: best hair salons in Bangalore, hair stylists in BangaloreFamily Law – Finance | Capital, Property By: Hassan Elhais – What powers does the court have to allocate financial resources and property on the breakdown of marriage?Tags: Family Law, Family Lawyer, Family Law in Dubai, Dubai LawyerThe Benefits And New Features Of Magento 2 By: michelkein – Magento shares the maximum percentage in the market for the online stores developed using the platform. You need to keep working hard to be able to see result. So, you need six numbers to be able to win powerball jackpot. Do you want to learn from expert today click here to follow this friend that knows powerball more than anything.

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Casino-Gaming :: Horse Race Handicapping: Dutching

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

It is not at all uncommon to see sizable fluctuations in the odds, especially at smaller tracks. Since dutching allows us to bet on three or four runners, obviously we have a better chance of cashing Xtra Winners. The bets are made in proportion to each horse’s chances of winning, so that no matter which runner prevails, the payoff will be the same. Nostalgic Moment4-120$20.00$100.00

In handicapping, dutching allows a bettor to wager on two or more runners, at different odds, in the same race. To negate these fluctuations, one should endeavor to wait until the last possible second to place his or her wagers.

With a total outlay of fifty-five dollars, we would expect a profit of forty-five dollars whether Pisces Pleasure, Nostalgic Moment, or Trubble won. For this example, I assigned a unit value of one dollar to each percentage point. It is covered in detail in my book, Handicapping the Wall Street Way: Picking Xtra Winners at the Track.

Pisces Pleasure3-125$25.00$100.00

ODDSODDSAMT. The math for this is simple, but, in the interest of brevity, I am going to omit it here. This tell us what the market or pool says the real-time percentage chance each horse has of winning the race. In addition, the profit will be approximately the same for each outcome, and you can predetermine it.. Although the value assigned is entirely at each individual handicapper’s discretion, it MUST be the same for each horse. BETPAYOFF


Dutching is the professional handicapper’s equivalent to portfolio diversification. One of the greatest mistakes an investor can make is not properly diversifying his or her portfolio.

Here is how it works: Assume that through applying a long-shot angle, you have eliminated the non-contenders and are left with three horses. However; even when we win while dutching, we will always have some losing tickets with this method.

Just print the following chart:

So, how do we know how much to wager on each horse in order to guarantee a profit? First, we need to convert the horses’ current odds into a percentage. You are confident that one of the three will be victorious but have no particular bias toward any of them. By placing a varying win bet on each of the three horses, the dollar amounts being dictated by the odds, you will realize a profit no matter which of the three wins. Adequate diversification will include an increased number of investments, allowing those with upward price movements to offset those with downward price movements.

As with the stock market, there is a certain degree of volatility in the betting pool

Which one is best – Poker or Blackjack??

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

smile I would have expected that you would have at least answered the ‘basic’ play strategy for 16 lol

Well Thank you Mr Cannon! A bit of a Gun are you? hmm

You DO NOT KNOW What you are talking about, when it comes to BlackJack. sad For a starter, NO Casino ALLOWS Players to take play charts or alike into a casino!! smile

To Play at the Level that I am referring to; You must have the Ability to memorise EVERY Sequence of cards played on 7 Boxes plus the dealer’s hand continuously; irrespective of what else is going on at the table! To Do That for 34 hours; I would bet your count, that it is Well Beyond You. The Game of BlackJack (as a Casino Game) Is The ONLY Game that allows a player to reduce the house % odds, as a direct result of how the player plays the cards throughout the game. If you don’t understand that (as it appears from your post, that you don’t) you should refrain from giving advice that you would wish to have accepted as ‘qualfied.’ hmm

My Best Win from experience; I have played a $10 Table for a straight 34 hours for a Net Return of $42,080 with a starting stake pool of $300.

When I play; I Never Play for less than 10 Hours and from over 5000 games; have only ever Lost my $300 Stake twice!

I have spent a total of 2 years Training players in Advanced Play and throughout that period, had ever Casino GameBreaking Trick used against me, bar being barred.. Perhaps you might consider Learning from an expert as opposed to promoting ‘expert’ advice? hmm

Clearly you do NOT qualify as an Advanced BlackJack Player either. lol


How To Win Big on Slot Machines and slot machine patterns. A strategy for Casino Slots

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson is a freelance author, book reviewer and an avid reader. To learn more about earning money from horse racing, check out Also check out Race Profit Generator, where you can find the necessary tools that you need to make money from horse racing.
Max G. Atkinson

Mechanical slots are not any “less smart” than the video slots. I recommend the latter. It’s a term often misinterpreted as a broken machine. There is a reason that “The House Always Wins”…..State Laws.

A “loose” machine in reality applies to a slot machine that is on a higher pay cycle. These aren’t “old” machines. Although this is true for both mechanical slots as well as video slots, we need to take a serious look at how “random” they really are.. If the RNG (random number generator) has lacked the percentage payout over a period of time, it may start paying higher win amounts in order to reach a percentage threshold. The casino will not pay you if a machine malfunctions.

The mechanics of a slot machine

Winning on a slot machine first requires knowledge of how they work. Think about this for a minute.

Understand now that a slot needs to be programmed to pay out at least 85% of what is put into it. Usually at least 85%. Most video slots give you a broader choice as far as betting. But people still like the mechanical slots so the casinos still have many mechanical slot machines. I like both, but I have been leaning more toward the video slots over last few years.

The Myth about “loose” machines

People often hear about “loose” slot machines. There is not really any way to tell if a machine is on a higher payout cycle unless you watch people play and see what the machine is doing (that may creep out some people though, so be polite) Or by playing a machine and betting a few small amounts and determining the reaction of the pattern. A slot machine in a casino under state law, (all legal gambling states have laws), are required to pay out a certain percentage. Do they exist? Not really. The modern mechanical slot reels are still governed by a computer. So is it really totally random? I think not.

Mechanical Verses Video Slots

“Mechanical slots” are being outnumbered these days by video slots. More line options, different ways of betting and they are much more entertaining. Some casinos in Vegas I have seen advertise a 95% payout to draw people in. First things first here. The casino will make between 5 and 15 cents of every dollar spent…..No matter what.

If slot machines were truly 100% random, the casino itself would be gambling themselves wondering if their business is going to make money or have to pay out everything and shut down. In other words both types of machines still have equal payout rules. Most people know that a slot machine works on randomly generated patterns. Remember that they have to pay a certain percentage

Horse Racing Handicapping Speed and Class Comparison

Max G. Atkinson

Max G. Atkinson

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Max G. Atkinson

That, in a nutshell, is the whole mystery of trying to pick winners by handicapping a horse race. On the other hand, when a horse moves up in class and throws in a real clinker of a race, it may improve dramatically in its next race because it has had a taste of the higher class and will be ready to deal with the short burst of speed that the other horse’s used to keep it unsettled.

There may be aberrations, but overall, this speed/class bias holds true. For instance, older horses that compete in $10,000 claiming races over the 6 furlong course may average winning times of 1:11.2 while older horses racing over the same course for a higher claiming tag of $25,000 may average 1:11 flat. If horses always clocked the same speed figure in each race, then simply glancing at the speed figures for their last race would tell which horse was fastest.

Form cycles are the changes that occur in a horse’s conditioning, so it must be considered when determining how fast a horse will run today. The biggest consideration, however, is whether the horses it is facing today are faster or slower than the field of horses it raced against last time out.

Looking at the statistics for the races run at any track and comparing races at the same distance and run over the same surface for the same age and gender of horse, we find that the higher the purse, generally speaking, the faster the times. While internal fractions can be measured, those mini fractions in between cannot. In other words, the classier the horse, the faster the race.

Therefore, don’t rely on speed figures alone when a horse is moving up in class to determine that it will be competitive with the other horses. That means that the speedier a horse is the higher the class it should be able to compete in, right? Not always. This is where we run into the intangible class factor. Its first and second races against tougher foes will sometimes be run much slower, but once it catches on, it may actually post those higher speed figures again.

. Is its form improving, peaked, or declining? That is the question the handicapper must answer about form. This may be seen as a mystery but what really happens is that internal fractions and short bursts of speed wear the runner out early and it winds up using all its energy reserves before the end of the race. While some horses may burn up the track at a lower class, when they are put in with classier horses their speed and ability seem to vanish and they run slower times.

While it may be obvious that the horse who can run the fastest will ultimately win the race, it isn’t nearly as obvious whether a horse will run as fast today as it ran last week. Sometimes it will need a race or two to acclimate to the higher class